52 Weeks of Open Gym (365 Days of Patience)


September 8th, 2017. There wasn’t a website. Nyles was still in Jersey with Kile and me, trying to figure things out. 2-3 Zone hadn’t come into fruition yet. We weren’t remotely close to looking for an office. Life was very different around this time, but on September 8th of last year, the ideas of everything that would eventually become reality, started to take shape on that day. Around this time, Nyles had just decided to let me work with him on his music. He sent me a voice memo of goals that he wanted to accomplish with his project over the next year and I thought that was cool so I did the same. I recorded another one a couple days later after an Angie Martinez interview I watched that inspired me. Today, November 4th, 2018, I rediscovered those memos and I couldn’t help but smile. I think we don’t take the time to sit back and marvel at our own growth. Life is really turbulent when you’re young, black and creative. There’s so much to do and we have deadlines to adhere to and goals to reach. I understand that, but taking the time to listen to these memos showed me the importance of giving yourself the credit you deserve. Since I recorded those demos, I’ve been in a near-death car accident, lost my lil brother (RIP Dyllan. Luv you kid), had to adjust to 1/3rd of our aspiring creative company relocating to Texas and day to day life stresses, but I took those challenges head-on. I created 2-3 Zone with Kile and the rest of our partners, the Litty Boyz Intl brand has garnered a level of respect from our peers and I officially A&R’d an album. Growth. A year can make a lot of difference. In my head, I was in the gym. While a lot of people were hooping in the league, in my mind, I hadn’t made the team yet. That’s what 2018 was about. I wanted to prove that I was good enough to make the team. I worked hard, remained patient and got my reps up in every way possible. I didn’t waver when things got hard. I didn’t stop working or get down on myself when I saw my peers do well. I just took 1000 more jumpshots in the gym. Around this time last year, I can’t honestly say I was happy, but I was determined. Now, this year, after everything me and my brother accomplished, I can say that I’m both. The future is looking brighter than it ever has and I’m ready to grow some more.

These are the voice memos that I recorded. 2 from September 2017. 1 from today. I hope I can keep these going way more often. And if you’ve ever supported me in any form or fashion this year, from the bottom of my heart, thank you.

Andrew Bosompem