cmc march promo.jpeg

A lot’s changed in the short span between November and now. Creating ‘Chances Make Champions’ is one of the biggest changes. Litty Boyz INTL is something that created with my brothers, but CMC is something I’ve done on my own up until this point (that’s going to change very soon). I always wanted to wear something that I made and that was the initial reason I created CMC. I’m weird in a sense that I can share the developing stages of what I’m working on all of the time, but when it’s time to actually release the work, I become hesitant. I’ve grown comfortable with doing that with things involved with LBI, but putting out clothing feels different. There was a little self-doubt prior to the announcement of the brand because I wasn’t sure how it would be received. Would people like the designs? Is this a good name for the brand? Are people even going to buy this stuff? Once I got the purpose of the brand aligned with my intentions, those questions went away quickly. I’m not really interested in becoming the Nick Diamonds, Bobby Hundreds or Jeff Staple. Those are all guys that I have a lot of respect for, but I decided ‘Chances Make Champions’ is just going to be another expression of me and where I come from. This brand is just another chance (no pun intended) for me show the world who I am, mentality I have at the moment and the neighborhood I represent. Those aren’t the biggest goals in the world for a brand to have, but they are goals that I’m proud of. If I can accomplish that with the brand, then it fulfilled its purpose.

I promised I would drop more voice memos and here’s one from this week. Just my thoughts after leaving the print shop for the second time. Initially the release of the product was going to be February, but there’s still some ideas I want to give enough room to be able to do in time for the release. You have to follow your intuition sometimes and be willing to change on the spot. The first product of ‘Chances Make Champions’ will be out next month, March 2019. Much Luv.

Andrew Bosompem