Point Guard Mentality: Presented by Chances Make Champions


Each phase of our life comes with expectations. From our family, friends and outsiders. But the most important ones come ourselves. I saw this summer as a game-changing phase of life for me. 2019 started great out of the gate. I announced my brand, Chances Make Champion in January. Fast forward to March, I dropped the first product from the brand, the ‘Game 1’ Long sleeve shirt. It sold out. Twice. The original drop and the re-up. I couldn’t believe it. I was fully prepared for the drop not to do that well, but people showed up for me. From January up until May, everything went according to plan. I was walking into June with a lot of confidence and intentions that I set out for myself. And none of those things I had planned came into fruition. June was terrible. My financial situation wasn’t the best. I lost another homie (Dombo! One luv champ). The shirts from the re-up got lost in the shuffle due to a product manager mishap and a bunch of other things. Those problems just got a little more intense in July. So much so to the point that last week I just sat in my car, questioning everything. What’s the point of doing this? What am I aiming for? Is this going to work? Am I ever going to catch a break? When does all of this work lead to the opportunity I’m looking for? What am I going to do with the opportunity I want when it’s given to me?

When you’re in the thick of it and nothing is going your way, it’s hard to view your situation as a blessed one but that’s how I choose to view it. The older I get, the more I realize that there are people that weren’t allowed to fail. On the surface that seems like a better life to live, but in reality, that leaves you handicapped. I’ve failed repeatedly in just the beginning of this journey which allowed to me learn and grow from those experiences. A lot of people can’t say that. Success is great, but failure is where I draw my strength and what I learn the most from. And that’s what Point Guard Mentality represents. A podcast that reveals the stories of people that come from that. People that have failed over & over and have used that as a learning experience that guides them to their successes. When I started Chances Make Champions, I wasn’t just thinking about clothing. It’s a brand that represents my life, where I’m at and where my peers are at. I want to create content that encompasses that mentality in every form. The Point Guard Mentality Podcast: presented by Chances Make Champions. The first episode will be out very soon.

Andrew Bosompem