Litty Boyz International's First Interview (SVGE Magazine)

Last month, on Black Friday, Kile, Nyles and I celebrated the 2-Year Anniversary of Litty Boyz INTL. It’s wild to think that I’ve only known these guys for a little over 2 years and we’ve become like brothers. Over the course of 2 years, we’ve gone from 3 likeminded people with just an idea to 3 people with a chance to create a legitimate content company. So to celebrate that, we did our first interview with SVGE Magazine. People that know me, knows that all I do in my free time is watch and read interviews. I’ve always said that, God willing, if this brand grows to the magnitude that I think it will, I can’t wait to impart any information that I’ve gained, through interviews and lectures. But before that, you always have to start with your first. It’s going to be cool to see how all of our mindsets will change years from this very first one. If you haven’t gotten the chance to check it out, you can read the Litty Boyz INTL first interview here. (Also, shoutout to Chioma for running it!)

Andrew Bosompem