Nothing too deep: Cool images that pass through my mind that inspire me. Sometimes they all coincide. Sometimes they're all random. Just know they're always fye. Enjoy.


CourtVision 001

Recently me & the team announced that we're working on a compilation tape through Litty Boyz Int'l. What sparked the idea for me is my interest in rap crews and the mixtape area that I grew up in. It's cool to see Juvie with the Hot Boyz but it's also cool to see him with Beanie Sigel. Collaboration is key.

CourtVision 002

DRAGONBALL WILL ALWAYS BE TIGHT TO ME. The older I get, the more I realize how creative Akira Toriyama and his team are for choosing the colors and fonts they used for their promo posters.

CourtVision: 003

I’ve been helping one of my friends, Rell (@RellFromThe973), with his music since June. Outside of the actual songs, I’ve had my hand on everything from the release strategy for the music to the creative direction. These are images that are inspiring the creative direction heavily.

CourtVision: 004 — Chances Make Champions.

One big mood board full of images and interviews that inspire the brand.