Hall of Fame.

"I don't wanna be Jordan, Magic or Isaiah. When my career is over I want to be able to look in the mirror and say 'I did it my way' - Bubba Chuck

Allen Iverson was my hero as a kid. He was the smallest player on the court, but he had the most heart and played with the most flair. Flashy on the court and in the press conferences. You can say he got those attributes from the players he admired in the quote, but he made sure that he remained as original as possible. That's what Hall of Fame is to me. Every player has their own Mount Rushmore of players in previous generations that they modeled their game after. Here are mine.


Hall of Fame 001

First ballot. Childhood hero and best rapper ever. What more can I say. No one's done it better.

First hall of famer up, Shawn Carter.

Hall of Fame 002

This guy created his own universe that I've been engulfed in from childhood to now. From the clothes to the label to the production, I bought it and listened to it all.

002 - Pharrell Williams.

Hall of Fame 003

The first A&R that made that position look cool to me. 

003 - Sickamore.

Hall of Fame 004

A good crip, but a better man. Rest in power. Tha Great.

004 - Nipsey Hussle