These are my thoughts. My unfinished ideas. My ambitions, fears, failures and successes. Young, black and hungry. I'm just documenting my journey. So if you're reading this, I hope this helps you with your journey too. 


An Introduction: A Kid Named Druwop

A simple introduction. The start of everything.


Home Is Where The Heart Is (The Safety Net)

Being home is comfortable, but sometimes to succeed, you have to leave.


52 Weeks of Open Gym (365 Days of Patience)

Recognize your own growth. It’s essential.

Build Your Own World. Ball Hard. Take Risks: Chances Make Championships

Chances Make Champions — It’s not only my brand, but a mantra I live by

Welcome to The Winner's Circle: An Interview With Tone Capone

This interview not only reassured me that he is someone that takes pride in being honest in his music, but also he plans on using that to his strength in an effort to empower himself and have a long fruitful career — Welcome To The Winner’s Circle.

Great Things Take Time (CMC Update)

You have to follow your intuition sometimes and be willing to change on the spot. MARCH 2019.

Embracing The Normal — The Balance Beam.

Don’t look up for too long. You’ll miss what’s happening to the right and the left of you.