Litty Boyz Int'l.

I'm one player on a team of 3. Litty Boyz International is the brand I started with two of my brothers (Kile & Nyles). It's the umbrella for all of the tight stuff that we do and are still trying to accomplish. This is each brick of the creative content company we're trying to build. From the podcast, to the clothing and everything in between. 


Three Lanes. One Finish Line.

The team wins when everyone plays their role. No selfishness on the squad. We're all getting numbers.

Real B*llsh#t Podcast: Everybody's Favorite Cousins

We're not cool with EVERYBODY but we're cool with everybody.

Championship Effort: 2-3 ZONE

Instead of complaining about what you don’t like about the game, do something about it.

Two Years of Figuring It Out: Litty Boyz INTL’s First Interview

To commemorate two years of hustling, we did our very first interview with SVGE Magazine.